Mexico Chiapas Sierra Azul [Certified Organic and Fair Trade]

$ 19.00

We have been enjoying coffee from Chiapas since we began this company.  This year's harvest from Sierra Azul is just as good as we have come to expect: bittersweet chocolate, a little bit of caramel, and a touch of sweet lemon.

Sierra Azul is a smaller cooperative with around 200 members.  Each member processes, dries, and mills their own coffee.  The farms are located in the buffer zone of the envEl Triunfo Biosphere.



Origin: Mexico
Region: Siltepec (Chiapas)
Cooperative: Sierra Azul
Varietal: Tipica, Bourbon, Mondo Novo 
Elevation: 1,000-1,900 MASL
Processing: Washed


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