We are now Certified Organic and Certified Fair Trade April 30 2015

We have been selling organically grown and fairly traded beans all along, but just this month we became officially certified.  This means that our packaging can feature the certified stickers.  We did not have to change our methodology, but we did have to fill out a good amount of paperwork and pay some fees.  We did it because we believe in the integrity of the certification and the certified label, and are glad that there are third party certifiers to help hold companies accountable to their claims.  Thank you for supporting us and buying fairly traded and sustainably grown coffee beans!

New shipping rates, new farmer's market, and new subscription service! November 12 2014

For the upcoming holiday season, we have lowered our shipping rates:

  • $2 for one half pound
  • $6 for up to one and a half pounds
  • $10 for over two pounds 
  • free if you spend $50 or more!


We are also happy to announce that we will be at the Meridian Farmer's market inside of the Meridian Mall in Okemos on the first and third Saturdays in December, January and February, from 10am-2pm.  The first market is December 6th.  


Finally, we have a new subscription service to offer you!  You will receive one pound of freshly roasted, fairly traded, single origin coffee every two weeks.  Click here to learn more.

Our last market is tomorrow! October 04 2014

We were so happy to be a part of the East Lansing Farmer's Market-- we met great people every week and it was a joy to pass out samples of our roasts and talk about coffee all morning.  Thanks so much for making our Sundays awesome.  We hope to be a part of the Meridian market starting in November.  Until then, stop by the Roastery in Old Town on Saturdays at about 11AM and we're happy to serve you up a cup while we roast.  You can also like us on Facebook to stay updated!

Where to find our beans: July 22 2014

We are selling bags of coffee at the Old Town General Store, right down the street from us, and at Detroit Frankie's Wood Fired Pizza truck at Cedar and Oakland.  We are grateful for their support!  You can also find us at the East Lansing Farmer's market most Sundays between July and October, offering pour overs and whole and half pounds, as well as samples.  Like us on Facebook - we will let you know when we will be there.  As always, check our list of offerings frequently as they will be changing often.  Thanks!

We did it! June 08 2014

Thanks to the many people that helped us along the way-- especially Bruce MacDowell at MacDowells Fireplace, who finished off our chimney installation in record time.  As soon as we pass our Dept. of Ag inspection we expect to be shipping beans!


First Roast from Emily Nicholls on Vimeo.

We are so close to roasting coffee with wood! May 05 2014

The Vittoria made it here from Wisconsin safe and sound.  She is wired to the grid and as soon as the exhaust goes through the ceiling later this week, we will be ready to roast some big batches of wood fired coffee!  We have been feverishly sampling beans from everywhere- places we are familiar with (Brazil and Guatemala) as well as origins we've never tried before (Papua New Guinea and Yemen).  We loved many of them, and only disliked a couple of organic Peruvian lots (this helped us understand why the beans were subpar).  We narrowed it down to a Burundi and a Costa Rica.  Every roast we have tried from Burundi has been a smooth, easy-going experience.  We like it for being a good middle of the road roast to start out with.  The Costa Rican that we chose roasted best a little lighter, with those fruity notes that are characteristic of Central American beans.  We are looking forward to unloading 555lbs. of green beans tomorrow morning!

The roaster is on it's way February 18 2014

We have a great building on Grand River, just east of Zoobie's.  Our wood is cured and dry.  We are roasting our samples to whittle it down to the very tastiest beans.  It's going to be a great Spring in Lansing.