We are so close to roasting coffee with wood!

The Vittoria made it here from Wisconsin safe and sound.  She is wired to the grid and as soon as the exhaust goes through the ceiling later this week, we will be ready to roast some big batches of wood fired coffee!  We have been feverishly sampling beans from everywhere- places we are familiar with (Brazil and Guatemala) as well as origins we've never tried before (Papua New Guinea and Yemen).  We loved many of them, and only disliked a couple of organic Peruvian lots (this helped us understand why the beans were subpar).  We narrowed it down to a Burundi and a Costa Rica.  Every roast we have tried from Burundi has been a smooth, easy-going experience.  We like it for being a good middle of the road roast to start out with.  The Costa Rican that we chose roasted best a little lighter, with those fruity notes that are characteristic of Central American beans.  We are looking forward to unloading 555lbs. of green beans tomorrow morning!
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