A Coffee Snob

Is someone that strives to make the best cup of coffee they've ever tasted every single day.  Every coffee snob has their recipe: strong and black, sweet and creamy, light roast, dark roast, medium roast-- whatever your recipe is, we'll provide you with the perfect beans to ensure you're cup is the best you've ever tasted, each and every day.


We roast all of our coffee with hickory wood in small batches in an antique Italian roaster.  All online and subscription orders are roasted on Monday and sent out on Tuesday.  Please contact us is you have any questions about the timing of your order.  Shipping is $2 for a half pound, $5 for up to 2 pounds and free after that!

We are Certified Organic through OEFFA and Fair Trade through Fair Trade USA.  Please browse our current offerings and contact us with any questions.  All of the green coffee we purchase has been fairly traded.  

If you are in the Lansing area, we are selling beans and cold brew at the Old Town General Store, right down the street from us, Foods for Living in East Lansing, Bestseller's Books in Mason and Vine & Brew in Okemos and Monticello's in Haslett.  Our cold brew concentrate is now available at Whole Foods in East Lansing, as well.  We will be at the Allen St. Farmer's Market on Wednesdays from 3-6:30pm offering samples, cups and bottles of cold brew, pour overs, and whole beans.  

Please call 517-898-7063 or email us at rustbeltroastery at gmail.com if you are interested in bulk, wholesale, or subscription information.  We hope you enjoy the uniquely smooth flavor of wood roasted coffee!